I was born in Barcelona in 1957.

From my mom’s side, I come from a branch of painters and gilders since some generations ago. My grandpa Agustí Maura learnt drawing and painting at the Llotja Art School in Barcelona. According to mom’s words, grandpa was a great painter and an excellent mural artist, who created some scenery sets for the old Liceu Opera Theatre (Barcelona), few years before the Spanish Civil War. When mom married dad some years after, she left her Art School's education but came back to painting when we were grown up.

Maybe these precedents account for my graduating as an Interior Designer by Escola d’Arts Deià (Barcelona, 1998). I loved drawing but had a deep respect for Colour. Time has led me to be devoted to the latter: Without Colour, what would life be like?

My grandpa prepared his own colours: 

he crushed minerals with his pestle and mortar; he weighed quantities with his balance and mixed pigments to obtain them. The mortar and pestle -and the balance- have been preserved by the Maura family; grandpa’s formulas are lost forever. But I honestly believe that his Love of Colour has reached me, some way or other, as a wonderful gift.

My Art Teacher Marina Berdalet taught me to "look at" and understand colours.  And I learnt my basics in Colour Consulting for Interior Design and Trends Forecasting with Kate Smith  from Sensational Color. My gratitude forever to both of them. My studying and learning goes on forever.

Isabel de Yzaguirre
La Colorista®